a Space to encounter tranquility

HaMakom, the center for Jewish culture and spirituality, opened its central Tel Aviv doors in 2008 to answer the need for a welcoming, non-judgemental environment for those searching for connection to our shared Jewish heritage, while learning and discovering themselves.

A breath of fresh air

in the city that never sleeps

Thousands have already visited HaMakom – whether they participated in workshops, courses, watched live performances, attended business events and seminars, or simply visited for coffee in the lobby. Our guests are students and retirees, artists and freelancers, singles and young families.

All different, with one common thread.
The desire to learn, develop and create.

HaMakom’s Team

HaMakom was founded by a team of young idealists, deeply rooted in the Israeli experience and well aware of what connects and divides the secular and religious public.

HaMakom employs dozens of instructors and lecturers, educators and musicians, psychologists and rabbis, all experienced in their professional fields with original and innovative thinking, and an open and communicative approach.

Beit Ohel Shem

Reclaiming Tel Aviv’s first cultural center, founded by the iconic national poet, Haim Nachman Bialik

In the decades after its establishment, Beit Ohel Shem was a center for many cultural activities in Tel Aviv: concerts, plays, performances by the philharmonic orchestra, important ceremonies and more.

A cultural center in Tel Aviv on one hand, an Israeli cultural model at the national level on the other. Programs developed at Beit Ohel Shem were replicated all over the country. Among them, the 'Oneg Shabbat' gatherings held in kibbutzim and cities throughout the country, the tradition Bialik started.

A Vision with Soul

Hamakom makes the legacy of Jewish identity and learning accessible in the heart of Tel Aviv’s cultural quarter. We believe that the resurrection of the people of Israel in their land is not only a political and material phenomenon, but also a unique spiritual awakening that carries with it deep meaning and draws strength from the great well of Jewish wisdom over the last 3000 years.

Our mission is to provide a place for encounter and discourse that encourages openness, conversation and mutual understanding. We seek to connect worlds, souls, and every  personal experience with our ancient spiritual sources of inspiration. We empower individuals to have more fulfilling relationships with their traditions, their families, and themselves.

Through this, HaMakom removes the walls that separate us and confronts the societal challenges that occupy us all, making  this makom a place where all can call home.